What We Do at The Home Solar Source

What we do

Upgrading your home to solar is a big decision. We’re here to simplify the process. Once you’ve learned about the basics of solar power, the next step is speaking to a solar provider to see if solar panels are right for your home. To help with this process, we connect you with the solar provider that is best suited for you based on your home, location, current electric bill, and financial qualifications. At The Home Solar Source, we are proud to partner with only the best solar companies in the market. We personally vet every provider we work with to ensure a high quality experience for you when you use our website to get a free personalized solar quote.

Meet the Team

Gary McCalla VP of Growth
Wes Savage VP of Marketing
Janna Tian Director of Product
Asia Adell Advertiser Partnership Manager
Greg Volpe Dev Ops Manager
Monica Martinez Senior SEO Specialist
Joseph Nelson Senior Media Buyer
Robert Barber Senior Designer